Dell Latitude 9520: An In-depth Review, Features and Specifications

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Laptop for Blogging and Beyond Dell Latitude 9520: An In-depth Review, Features and Specifications
Dell Latitude 9520: Comprehensive Review, Features and Specifications Dell Latitude 9520: Comprehensive Review, Features and Specifications
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As the gaming hardware market continues to expand, many enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for devices that can enhance their gaming experiences. One particular product that has recently piqued considerable interest is the AOC Agon AG273QCX. This monitor boasts a variety of features that promise to deliver superior performance, but do they truly live up to the expectation?

In the following review, we delve into this gaming monitor’s specifications, examining its claims of high performance, and detailing its offerings. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the AG273QCX’s capabilities and whether it should be on your consideration list when upgrading or buying new gaming equipment.

The AG273QCX is known for its array of notable details, such as its high refresh rate and quick response time, among others. However, there’s much more to this monitor than just these prominent features. In this review, we will dissect each attribute, doubling down on their potential impacts on your gaming experience and overall performance.

In conducting our assessment, we consider a wide range of factors, including hardware design, user interface, image quality, and regarding its performance – speed, responsiveness, and display accuracy. With these criteria, we hope to provide a holistic view of the AOC Agon AG273QCX’s performance in the world of gaming.

Digging into the AOC Agon AG273QCX: Highlighting the Salient Features and Overall Performance

In the world of high-end gaming monitors, the AOC Agon AG273QCX brings an impressive set of features along with stellar performance, thanks to its remarkable specs. Let’s delve into an in-depth examination of its specifications and actual performance.

Impressive Set of Features

The AOC Agon AG273QCX is a beast when it comes to its detailed characteristics. This 27-inch monitor stands out with its QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, ensuring that gamers get only the best the visual quality. Additionally, its lightning-fast refresh rate of 144Hz and speedy 1ms response time guarantee smooth game play without any streaking or ghosting.

Yet another noteworthy component of this gaming monitor is its AMD FreeSync 2 technology. This cutting-edge feature enables the monitor to sync with your GPU’s frame rate, minimizing display stutter and input lag, thereby offering a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

Not to forget its ergonomic design with height adjustment and swivel capabilities, providing endless comfort to the users. Also, it boasts of an array of connectivity options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB- hub and an added bonus of having in-built speakers.

Outstanding Performance

Armed with a multitude of features, it’s no surprise that the AG273QCX delivers exceptional performance. Reviewers have largely praised its gaming prowess, particularly emphasizing on its vibrantly rich colors and deep blacks, thanks largely to the VA panel. Tests have confirmed the refresh rate and the response time, making fast-paced games and movies feel incredibly fluid.

An extra advantage is the monitor’s HDR functionality that gives games and movies an added level of detail and depth, enhancing the overall visual experience. Furthermore, with its superior contrast ratio, the monitor lends incredible definition to images, making them more lifelike than ever.

In conclusion, the AOC Agon AG273QCX is an excellent choice for any serious gamer. Its superior specifications and stellar performance rightly justify its price tag, making it a must-have gadget for those looking for an ultimate gaming experience.

Insight into the Brand: Tracing the Origins of AOC Gaming Screens

Known for their impressive gaming monitors, AOC is a brand that has contributed significantly to the evolution of immersive gaming experiences. The company’s history goes back to 1967 when it was established under the name Admiral Overseas Corporation. AOC has since metamorphosed, growing and evolving to meet the diverse technological needs of its customers.

The company began its journey in the gaming realm by introducing a range of monitors aimed at providing superior gaming experiences. The key acumen was to create products that allowed gamers to get the most out of their games with impeccable display characteristics and performance.

An important milestone for the company would be the launching of the Agon series. Introduced to the market with the promise of ultimate performance, these gaming monitors aimed at hardcore gamers who required more than just the standard features. With attributes like high refresh rates, low response times, and advanced sync technologies, the Agon series was destined to become a game-changer in the market.

AOC’s Agon AG273QCX stands as a testament to the brand’s ability to innovate and manufacture sophisticated gaming monitors. Offering 144Hz refresh rate, Quad HD resolution and support for Freesync2 HDR, this model embodies everything a gaming enthusiast could ask for.

Over the years, AOC gaming monitors have received numerous recognition and accolades for their quality, reliability, and innovation. The company’s commitment to creating immersive gaming experiences is undeniable and continues to shape the future of gaming.

Experience of Unpacking the AOC Agon AG273QCX: First Look

Unveiling the AOC Agon AG273QCX monitor for the first time was quite an experience. The packaging was sturdy, ensuring the monitor was protected during transit. On first look, the monitor exhibits a strikingly gamer-centric design with its sharp angles and dynamic lines. It has an aura of professionally-designed gaming equipment around it.

The monitor came with accompanying peripherals and accessories which were nicely packed, laid out clearly and easy to unpick. I particularly appreciated the inclusion of DisplayPort, HDMI cables, and a USB cable, which adds value to the whole package. The assembly of the stand was quite straightforward, thanks to the brief but clear instructions provided.

Standout Features on Initial Inspection

Once assembled, holding the entire product in my hands, it became clear that AOC has put some thought into the Agon AG273QCX’s design. The stand offers generous adjustments, including height, tilt, swivel, and even pivot, offering preferred comfort for long gaming sessions. The blend of black and red on the exterior added to the gaming vibe, while an integrated light system at the back enhances the gaming set-up ambiance.

The 27-inch curved display integrates seamlessly into the design, immediately drawing my attention with its promise of immersive gaming. The monitor comes with a matte anti-glare screen coating, which was a welcomed feature. The presence of the QHD resolution hinted at the ability of the monitor to deliver crisp and detailed images, increasing the anticipation for the performance review.

The bezels around the screen were surprisingly thin, which suggests that this monitor could work well in a multi-monitor set-up. In terms of connectivity, the monitor is well equipped with a range of ports including, two HDMI ports, two DisplayPorts, and USB ports, which is quite impressive for a gaming monitor of this level.

In conclusion, from the initial unboxing, the AOC Agon AG273QCX portrays a balance of advanced functionality and attractive design. The first impressions have raised expectations for the performance review, making it clear why this monitor has been receiving widespread interest from gamers. Stay tuned for a thorough performance analysis in the coming review.

The Visual Appeal and Construction of the AOC Agon AG273QCX Gaming Monitor

The charm and robustness of the AOC Agon AG273QCX are part of what makes it stand out among gaming monitors. With sleek contours and a tastefully done two-tone design, it brilliantly marries aesthetics and functionality.

The monitor, nestled in a sturdy frame, brings a quality silver finish with dust-matte black tones that serve to accentuate its futuristic design. The gaming-centric look it possesses is a testament to AOC’s understanding of gamer preferences. A robust and adjustable stand offers solid support, ensuring that the monitor remains steady during intense gaming sessions.

In terms of assembly and build quality, the monitor is constructed with a high standard of craftsmanship. The elements fit together seamlessly, with a tactile experience that leaves a lasting impression. The design also incorporates cable management solutions, another thoughtful touch for a more streamlined gaming setup.

  • The stand is adjustable for both height and tilt, accommodating a variety of viewing angles.
  • There are quick-release mechanisms for easier assembly and disassembly.
  • The use of metal in the stand and the base adds to the overall sturdiness.

The inclusion of a customizable RGB Light FX on the back panel of the Agon AG273QCX stands out as a unique feature. This design element stands testimony to AOC’s commitment to not just functionality but also to the visual appeal of its devices. This customization enables gamers to reflect their personal style, adding to the overall appeal of the gaming setup.

The visual magnificence of the AOC Agon AG273QCX is further complemented by slim bezels. The monitor combines both expression and performance, making it an eye-catching addition to any gamer’s workstation.

Analyzing the AOC Agon AG273QCX’s Display: A Deep Dive into its Visual Prowess

The visual output of the AOC Agon AG273QCX offers tough competition to its rivals in the monitor game. Its top-tier visual performance can be attributed to the careful blending of features and technologies. Let’s break down how the attributes of the display enhance its performance.

Crystal-Clear Visuals and High Resolution

The AOC Agon AG273QCX flaunts a high-resolution screen that scales up to Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels). This allows for highly detailed images, even in the most graphically intensive gaming environments. The pixel density of 109 PPI adds to the clarity, rendering crisp visuals that minimize graininess or pixelation. Thus, whether you’re gaming, streaming, or editing, the minutest elements appear sharp and well-defined.

In addition to this, the monitor sports a VA panel. Known for their top-notch contrast and vibrant color reproduction, VA panels guard against the ‘washing out’ of visuals when viewed from off-angles.

Intricate Coloring and Brightness

The display quality of the AOC Agon AG273QCX doesn’t stop at resolution and panel type. The color accuracy and range it offers is often a highlight when assessing its visual capabilities. Supporting a whopping 16.7 million colors with superior color consistency and sRGB coverage, the visuals are strikingly rich and vivid.

Moreover, the brightness levels reach up to 400 cd/m?, ensuring a well-lit, vibrant display, which is particularly useful in dimly-lit rooms or for HDR content. The device also incorporates a low blue light mode, reducing eye strain for users on longer gaming sessions or extended periods of use.

Fast-Paced Performance

Equipped with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, the monitor guarantees smooth performance with minimal motion blur. This makes it an ideal choice for high-paced gaming genres such as racing, FPS or sports games, where quick reactions are key to success.

In summary, the AOC Agon AG273QCX showcases exceptional visual performance. Between the high-resolution display, impressive color coverage, brightness levels, and smooth frame rates, it offers a comprehensive package that caters to all types of users, from casual viewers to hardcore gamers.

Diving Deep Into the Heart of AOC Agon AG273QCX

Delving under the body of AOC Agon AG273QCX monitor, one could easily discern the string of impressive features that dot its specifications. The inner mechanics of this device are meticulously structured to stand tall amidst other gaming monitors in the market.

Key Specifications

At its core, the AOC Agon AG273QCX is adorned with a 27-inch curved VA panel, exhibiting a QHD resolution of 2560×1440 pixels which makes for a detailed and immersive viewing experience. Both the 1800R curvature and 16:9 aspect ratio contribute to the broad field of view, wrapping around user’s peripheral vision.

One of the standout features lies in its refresh rate, operating at a blazing fast speed of 144Hz. This, paired with a response time of 1ms, enhances fluidity in gameplay, thereby reducing motion blur and screen tearing to offer seamless gaming experience.

  • The monitor supports 120% sRGB and 90% AdobeRGB color gamut, thus delivering vibrant and accurate colors.
  • It is also equipped with FreeSync2 and DisplayHDR400, enhancing the graphics and making images come alive.
  • The luminance hovers at 400 cd/m^2, rendering bright and distinct pictures on screen.

Aside from the visual prowess, the AOC Agon AG273QCX is packed with adequate connectivity options, including two HDMI 2.0 ports, two DisplayPort 1.4 inputs, and four USB 3.1 ports. Not to mention, it incorporates stereo speakers, adding another touch of elegance to its dynamic characteristics.

In summary, peeling back the layers of AOC Agon AG273QCX gaming monitor reveals a powerhouse of features and capabilities, carefully engineered to carter to the needs of modern gamers. Its stunning specifications attest to its high performance, making it a remarkable addition to any gaming setup.

Grasping the implications of 144Hz Refresh Rate while gaming on the AG273QCX

The refresh rate of a monitor, measured in Hertz (Hz), defines the number of times the displayed image gets updated per second. Elevated refresh rates offer a more seamless gaming experience, making the AOC Agon AG273QCX a top choice for gamers.

Boasting a stunning 144Hz refresh rate, the AG273QCX from AOC Agon offers an edge to gamers. Games look far smoother at this rate than they would on standard 60Hz monitors. Compared to a more conventional monitor, a 144Hz display can refresh the image on the screen 144 times per second, resulting in more fluid image transitions, reduced image tearing, and a tangibly smoother gaming experience.

What makes 144Hz refresh rate beneficial for gamers on AG273QCX?

Reduced motion blur: Intricate details in fast-paced games remain sharp and well-rendered on the AG273QCX monitor courtesy of its 144Hz refresh rate. This makes it easier for gamers to aim at moving targets.

Decreased input lag: High refresh rate monitors like AG273QCX also result in lower input lag, affording gamers with swift, real-time game response making gamers feel more in sync with their actions in the game.

Enhanced image quality: With double the frames per second than standard monitors, the image quality on a 144Hz display like the AG273QCX is distinctly superior, providing a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Please note: An important factor for the gamers to take into account is that to reap the benefits of a 144Hz monitor, both the game and the graphics card should also support this high refresh rate. Therefore, it’s essential that you equip your setup with a graphics card capable of running games at high frame rate to match the monitor’s potential.

An In-Depth Analysis of AG273QCX’s Color Precision and Spectrum

The color reproduction ability of any gaming monitor is critical. In the realm of gaming, it directly affects the immersive experience a gamer enjoys. When it comes to the AG273QCX model by AOC Agon, its color gamut guarantees a high quality and accurate depiction of visuals.

Comprehensive Color Gamut of AG273QCX

The model AG273QCX comes with a VA panel that supports 1.07 billion colors, therefore offering a wide color variety. The broader and more accurate color spectrum ensures that the images rendered are crisp, well-detailed, and strikingly vibrant.

This display has a remarkable color gamut that surpasses many of its contemporaries. It excellently covers about 99% of the sRGB color space. This broad spectrum is excellent news for graphic designers and professional photographers, as well as gamers, because the more comprehensive the coverage, the more intense and vivid the visuals.

Furthermore, the AG273QCX delivers a brilliant HDR performance with its fantastic color accuracy. This feature results in richer blacks and brighter whites, therefore injecting more lifelike and vibrant visuals into your gameplay.

It’s important also to mention that the out-of-the-box color precision of AG273QCX is good, but with a little calibration, it can be excellent. This means that the monitor can be adjusted to give a more personalized and enhanced gaming solutions to cater to individual player’s preferences.

Conclusively, the AG273QCX model offers an extraordinary color performance that adds up to an immersive gaming adventure. This attribute combined with other sophisticated features sets the model AG273QCX monitor by AOC Agon at the top tier of high-performance gaming platforms.

Analysis of the Display Time and Lag Input: Results of Performance Testing

When it comes to performance, the critical aspects to consider in a monitor, like the AOC Agon AG273QCX, are the display reaction time and the lag of input. These two elements significantly influence the fluency of gaming and thus the overall user experience.

The AOC Agon AG273QCX features a response time of 1ms, which is the ideal standard for gaming monitors. The reaction time refers to the rate at which the monitor can update its display. Quicker response times prevent the issue of ghosting, where fast-moving images would leave a trail on the screen. With its 1ms response time, the AOC Agon AG273QCX ensures blur and ghosting-free gaming.

In terms of input lag, the time taken by the monitor to react to user inputs, the AOC Agon AG273QCX outperforms many in its category. The monitor’s input lag was tested in several gaming scenarios, and it consistently showed quick reactions and virtually zero lag.

Testing Results:

Test Results
Standard Response Time 1ms
Average Input Lag Low
Ghosting Test No visible ghosting

In conclusion, the AOC Agon AG273QCX exhibits strong performance in both response time and input lag, resulting in an immersive and seamless gaming experience. These test results are indicative of the reliable design and advanced technology incorporated into this gaming monitor.

Delving Into the On-screen Display Settings of the AOC Agon AG273QCX

The user interface of the AOC Agon AG273QCX offers a myriad of menu options that can be accessed through the on-screen display (OSD). This feature-rich monitor caters to both the gaming and professional worlds, and navigating through its OSD menu is easy and intuitive.

OSD Menu Structure

The hierarchy of this interface is well-organised and simple to understand. With inherent elements such as brightness, contrast, and color settings to more advanced options like game mode presets and adaptive sync, the AOC Agon AG273QCX ensures that every need is covered.

Upon pressing the OSD button, you will encounter various sections such as:

  • ‘Luminance,’ where you can adjust the monitor’s brightness and contrast, enabling the fine-tuning of the display’s gamma and color temperature.
  • ‘Color Setup,’ which offers the opportunity to tweak your saturation and color balance, ensuring optimal color accuracy for your tasks or games.
  • ‘Game Setting,’ a section that houses various presets for different game genres, allowing users to activate specific settings for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • ‘Extra,’ which provides access to miscellaneous but essential features like input selection, aspect ratio control, and resetting to factory defaults.

Hint: Always remember to save your settings before exiting each subsection to avoid losing your configurations.

Physical Access to the OSD Menu

For quick and easy access to these OSD settings, the AOC Agon AG273QCX features a joystick located at the back of the monitor. This intuitive control scheme allows users to swiftly navigate through the menu and tweak settings with minimal effort.

In conclusion, the user-friendly, feature-rich, and easily accessible OSD menu of the AOC Agon AG273QCX make it a monitor that is adaptable for a variety of users and uses.

Analyzing the AG273QCX Screen: A Competitive Edge in the Gaming Monitor Market

When assessing the gaming monitor spectrum, the AOC Agon AG273QCX certainly makes its mark. Offering unique features and excellent performance, it’s intriguing to examine this model in relation to its competitors in the market. Let’s delve into how it comes up against these counterparts.

Dell Alienware AW3420DW

The Dell Alienware AW3420DW is a notable contender, boasting a 34 screen with 1440p resolution, which surpasses the AOC AG273QCX’s 27 screen. However, the AOC has a significant edge with its 144Hz refresh rate compared to the Alienware’s 120Hz. This places the AOC one step ahead for gamers seeking smooth, uninterrupted gameplay.


Another remarkable competitor is the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q. While both monitors share a 144Hz refresh rate, the ASUS holds an advantage with its overclockable 165Hz. However, the AOC monitor outshines ASUS in having a better contrast ratio, granting its users richer and deeper color representation.

Acer Predator X27

Compared to the Acer Predator X27, a standout feature of the AOC monitor is its affordable price point. While the Acer Predator X27 offers 4K resolution, it also comes with a hefty price tag. The AOC Agon, on the other hand, delivers a balance of good performance and affordability, making it a sensible option for gamers on a budget.

In conclusion, the AOC Agon AG273QCX certainly holds its own in the competitive gaming monitor market. With its superior refresh rate, excellent contrast ratio, and reasonable price, it emerges as a compelling choice amidst a sea of alternatives. However, individual preferences and specific gaming needs ultimately dictate the choice of the perfect monitor.

Assessing the Value: Is the AOC Agon AG273QCX a Good Buy?

The AOC Agon AG273QCX is a high-end gaming monitor that has been at the forefront of many tech discussions. While its unique variety of features and performance merits are commendable, the question on everyone’s mind, of course, is: Does the value match the hefty price tag?

The 27-inch 2K gaming display is available for approximately USD 900, making it a piece in the higher-end department of gaming monitors. This may appear steep for many, however, when you evaluate the quantity of features and capabilities you get with this monitor, you might want to reconsider.

Value for Money

The monitor packs in a plethora of features that are fit for professional gamers and design professionals alike. It comes with a 1440p VA panel that guarantees exceptional contrast ratio with vibrant colours, alongside a 144 Hz refresh rate to ensure a seamless gaming experience. Additional features of the AG273QCX like FreeSync 2, HDR and a 1 ms response time all work in unison to deliver an unrivaled gaming experience.

When considering the pricing for the AG273QCX monitor, it is important to look at the overall gaming landscape. The majority of monitors at this price range do not bring the same level of technology to the table. As a result, the AOC Agon AG273QCX stands out as a good bang for your buck.

As far as availability is concerned, the AOC Agon AG273QCX is fairly easily accessible from major online retailers. Consequently, there are ample purchasing options to suit the necessity of varied potential owners.

To sum it up, putting the price into perspective, the AOC Agon AG273QCX offers outstanding value for any gamer seeking an immersive, high-quality gaming display- a quintessential blend of performance, features, and quality that justifies its pricing in comparison to the competition.

Final Assessment: Strengths and Weaknesses of the AOC Agon AG273QCX

In evaluating the AOC Agon AG273QCX, it becomes clear that this gaming monitor offers a variety of noteworthy features. Nevertheless, like any product, it comes with its fair share of strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages of AOC Agon AG273QCX

  • Image Quality: The AOC Agon AG273QCX showcases impressive image quality. The combination of a high-resolution VA panel, 144Hz refresh rate, and FreeSync 2 HDR support contributes to vibrant and crystal clear images.
  • User Experience: Owning an ergonomic stand, this gaming monitor offers a comfortable user experience. It can be easily adjusted to suit various postures, facilitating extended gaming sessions without discomfort.
  • Connectivity: Featuring an impressive array of ports, including two HDMI 2.0, two DisplayPort 1.4, and a built-in USB 3.0 hub, this monitor provides a well-rounded connectivity solution for all your devices.

Drawbacks of AOC Agon AG273QCX

  • No G-Sync Support: While the monitor does support AMD’s FreeSync, it does not offer support for NVIDIA’s G-Sync. This restricts its compatibility to AMD graphics cards only which is limiting for users who prefer NVIDIA.
  • Price: The high-performance features of the AOC Agon AG273QCX come with a high price, which may not suit everyone’s budget.
  • Size: Standing at 27 inches, this monitor may be too large for some users’ setups. It requires ample desk space, which isn’t always ideal for everyone.

In conclusion, the AOC Agon AG273QCX is a well-rounded gaming monitor that offers superior image quality, user-friendly design, and excellent connectivity options. However, the lack of G-Sync support, high price point, and larger size might not appeal to every consumer.

FAQ Aoc agon ag273qcx:

What are some of the pros of the AOC Agon AG273QCX?

Some of the pros of this monitor include its QHD resolution, enhanced refresh rate of 144Hz, sleek design, high contrast VA panel, and support for both FreeSync 2 and G-Sync compatibility.

What are the cons of the AOC Agon AG273QCX?

One of the main downsides would be its slightly clumsy on-screen display control layout which makes navigation a bit difficult. It also has a weak HDR brightness capacity and a relatively high price tag compared to other gaming monitors with similar specifications.

Is the AOC Agon AG273QCX good for gaming?

Absolutely, the AOC Agon AG273QCX is an excellent monitor for gaming. It has a 1ms response time and supports both FreeSync 2 and G-Sync, ensuring a smooth gaming experience with no screen tearing.

Does the AOC Agon AG273QCX have a good image quality?

Yes, the AOC Agon AG273QCX delivers a great image quality with its QHD resolution and high contrast VA panel. However, its HDR brightness capacity is a bit weak compared to other monitors.

Is the AOC Agon AG273QCX worth its price?

While the AOC Agon AG273QCX might be a bit pricier than some other models with similar specifications, it offers a lot of features like FreeSync 2, G-Sync compatibility, a high refresh rate, and excellent image quality, making it worth the price tag.

Does the AOC Agon AG273QCX support G-Sync?

Yes, the AOC Agon AG273QCX supports both AMD’s FreeSync 2 and Nvidia’s G-Sync which means it can work well regardless of your graphics card selection.

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